#Vault7 ‘Athena’: CIA’s anti-Windows malware ‘better than bombing things’ — RT News

Tales from the Conspiratum

Are we not sick and tired of these pathetic NSA wankers, and others, always sticking their noses in our dirty laundry?  These creepy scumbags should really get real jobs and make themselves productive instead of spying on us under false pretenses.

Come on Anonymous, prove to us that you have not been infiltrated by the FBI and release the names and addresses of every one who works for the NSA!

Source: #Vault7 ‘Athena’: CIA’s anti-Windows malware ‘better than bombing things’ — RT News

RT News

19 May, 2017#Vault7 ‘Athena’: CIA’s anti-Windows malware ‘better than bombing things’
The latest in WikiLeaks’ series of #Vault7 leaks was released Friday detailing malware that provides remote beacon and loader capabilities on target computers using several Microsoft Windows operating systems.

‘Athena’ is the latest codename for the release which consists of five documents.


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