Caution: The Solar Eclipse

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This was found on Facebook (posted by our friend, Menagerie) and seems like good information to share.

Michael Schecter:

As an Optometrist , I want to express concern that I have about the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug 21. There are serious risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse directly, even with the use of solar filter glasses. Everyone should keep in mind if they or their children are considering this.

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Author: Grandtrines

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3 thoughts on “Caution: The Solar Eclipse”

  1. I have been a member of an eclipse chasers discussion group for almost 20 years now. There are MANY people who have watched an eclipse SAFELY. There are people who CHASE total solar eclipses. Do you think they travel the world to see total solar eclipses- just to watch it on TV? ALL of those stories that you see about people having eye damage at eclipses exist BECAUSE THEY DID NOT DO IT THE RIGHT WAY. Posts like these are denying people the chance to see an event will be impressive for everyone, and for those in the path of totality- arguably THE most AWESOME natural event that they can experience. People have compared experiencing a total solar eclipse to getting married or having children. People are driven to tears by the sight of totality. It can’t be described! I get it: it can be dangerous, if proper caution is not followed. But did you know that the eye safety information on the following website: was endorsed by the American Academy of Optometry, American Academy of Ophthalmology, and American Optometric Association? If you’re concerned about the safety glasses (there are safe ones out there- see the list of reputable sources on the above link!) then turn your back to the Sun and project the Sun’s image. Use a kitchen colander! Stand under a tree and look at dozens of eclipse images projected onto the ground and walls! If you are in this narrow totality path: then when the Sun gets blacked out completely then you can and should LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT. When the Sun returns again, then go back to protecting your eyes. Yes, you may get a split second of sunlight in your eyes, but you’d react as fast as if you would after you accidentally touched a hot stove. You get more sunlight in your eye driving to work. This post is the equivalent of telling your children not to play outside because you’re worried they might run into the street or never teaching your children to cook because you’re worried about the heat of the stove or oven. It’s like not going to the Grand Canyon because you’re worried they might fall over the edge. You owe it to yourself and your children to educate yourself and them about the proper way to do things, but do them safely. Please correct your post. Do not deny people the chance to have a truly incredible experience. As a final note, see my blog on the eclipse at – see the archives for inspirational stories and videos!

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    1. This is a reblog, so you might direct your comments to the OP (Original Poster). As an aside, what was wrong with the original post? Seemed like she was emphasizing safety, as you are. (Please clarify the distinction….)


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