Good Bye Linear Time

In a Love World

Good Bye Linear Time – The Return to Unity Consciousness

by Vera Ingeborg
Aug 15, 2017

We are in the middle of the bifurcation of timelines and realities shift. Old timelines collapse and there is no way back. While many of the early adapters are still feeling huge bi-polar shifts between the two realities and between love and fear, first movers are now entering more and more an energetic state of being that is called zero-point. The place where we are only observing, allowing and are moving along with the energetic flow without being entangled with any of the drama, stories and illusions of the old paradigm. We enter these points shortly before big energetic shifts – individually and collectively.

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Tell Me a Story Rachel Poli

Annette Rochelle Aben

Today, we welcome to the podcast known as Tell Me a Story a young lady from Massachusetts, writer/blogger, Rachel Poli 

To find yourself on Rachel’s blog is to find yourself discovering short stories, book reviews, writing tips and even meeting other writers/authors through her guest posts.

Today, we learn more about what makes Rachel tick and where her writing career is headed.  Be sure to visit her blog, give it a follow and stay updated on all things Rachel Poli

*all podcasts are posted in alphabetical order

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Hearst Castle

Expedition Hobo



If you wish to travel through time and catch a glimpse of the “gilded age”, then Hearst Castle maybe just what you are looking for. The castle is now a National Historic Landmark located on the central coast of California. It was once the primary home of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst who died in 1951. The site was opened to the public in 1958 and is open for public tours. Despite its out-of-the-way location, it draws millions of visitors every year. The castle was designed by architect Julia Morgan and actually resembles a Spanish cathedral. Hearst formally named the estate “La Cuesta Encantada” (The Enchanted Hill) but was commonly referred to as “the ranch”.



Invitations to Hearst Castle were highly coveted during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The elite political and Hollywood guests had to fly in to Los Angeles and then take a train to San Luis Obispo where…

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