Three pens in your pen stand… 


Consider you have a pen stand with three pens in it. One is the best, one is the worst and the last one is normal. You have to write so much that you know all the three pens will be in use.

When you write with the best one, you get a nice feeling. You wish to write more and you end up doing so. Probably cause of its comfortable grip. You’re in love with its smooth flow of ink. As the ink in the pen comes closer to its tip, you don’t feel so good. You never want it to end. You wish you had infinite ink. You are not sure when you’ll get a pen as good as this one. Once it is finished, you miss the feeling.

When you write with the normal pen, you feel normal. And this feeling normal continues until the ink finishes and…

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Vantage Point

John Wreford Photographer

Processed with VSCOcamSo it seems street photography is a thing now, I guess the advent of social media and digital technology has thrust the genre tagged, tweeted and trending onto our flickering screens. So that’s nice.

The emails generated from my last blog post showing more than a passing interest it seems and obviously I am very happy about this, questions that I am continuously asked are about my favorite locations and favorite images along with the usual which kind of camera is best for street photography kind of thing, also the nice people at Light kindly asked me to share some of my thoughts for their #VantagePoint project.

I think most photographers will say pretty much the same thing when it comes to their favorite photograph, that it’s a hard question to answer, I have many images that I love for various reasons but love can often be fleeting and what…

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[62] Social Media Detox: Day 1

Smoke words every day.

Living inside ideas of another men and women is what we have been doing since the dawn of man. Novels, movies, stories, even the social constructs are us living in an idea of another men and women. It seems perfect and quaint until we start questioning it because some ideas are faded in their authenticity in its present form. But as they have been around for ages, questioning it requires a conviction and standing in a society that could cause the masses to change their views. And they don’t like to be called wrong, ever.

Social media is the newest construct where the connectivity between people has caused a large-scale exchange of ideas battling for attention. Such has been the impact that the small size-packaged ideas have caused the attention span of people to go to its lowest forms. Tweets, click-bait headlines, viral videos are the tools of promotion now…

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Open Wounds: Post-Eclipse Feels

Moon & Lioness

IMG_6287 Image via Tumblr • Original source unknown

I don’t have the words for my story today, but even when I feel unable to communicate, I always still feel compelled to try.

This deep desire for expression has always been with me.  I can remember year after year of childhood moving into adolescence moving into young adulthood into “mature” adulthood, where supposedly I am now, keen for recognition and to offer something of myself, artful & infused with passion, to the great big world.  To BE art.

This new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Leo, my moon sign, has been poking me in the ribs to remind me that I have not abandoned that desire, although I shove it down out of fear more times than I can count.

It has become a shadow for me over the years, never having disappeared, looming in the background as circumstances have…

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How to Take an Amazing Photo of a Solar Eclipse


Eclipse.PNG“Solar Eclipse with Sunspots” by Matthew Harper

get knocked up,
plan a wedding in three months
and waddle down the aisle in white pumps
that fit you when you bought them. 

Gain a total of forty-eight pounds
while throwing up for forty weeks,
and give birth to a nine-pound baby boy,
who is bigger and cries louder than any other
newborn in the maternity ward. 

After you blink once or twice,
find yourself moving across the country
for your husband’s engineering job,
with three cats, the six-week old baby,
and all of their respective paraphernalia
crammed into a purple minivan. 

Critical Step: Raising Your Boy
To do this, start learning more about more things than you knew existed;
begin appreciating that this cherubic, gorgeous,
but almost alien issue of your loins
sees individual ice crystals in distant clouds,
hears crickets chirping at dusk
over the sound of rush-hour traffic,

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