I’m Not Going Insane – It’s the Universal Awakening! – Synchronicity and The Cosmic Initiation – 4-28-17

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The following is an introduction to the experience of synchronicity and that it is a perfectly normal part of awakening. The fact is, the mystical and miraculous side of life has been marginalized in our postmodernist nihilistic world. The average person is incapable of considering ultimate meanings, values, and life purpose—beyond the socially acceptable outlets of the modern world. But behind the veneer of consumerism, entertainment, and self-aggrandizing egotism that is so commonplace in societies today, lies an ocean of mystery, wonder, and amazement. In this sense, works of fiction and fantasy allow us to explore aspects of life and beingness that have become socially taboo—most people don’t take spirituality and subtle energy seriously, but they will go see a movie about people with mystical powers. This suggests that all people are interested in transcending the limits of who they are now, so they can become something more.

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Cindy Kay Currier VIDEO 4-27-17… “How the “good guys” punked the CIA”… “We are seeing a move back to the people…”

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This Cindy Kay Currier message I found really hit some of my “Truth points”, and rang a lot of “resonance bells”, and connected many “what the hell is going on with this US thing” dots.

In particular, she covered the Antiquities Act EO and education-related matters (no more Common Core), and others, and how these actions are, one step at a time, turning back responsibilities to individual states, and individual communities, rather than keeping them under the grand Federal (aka, corporation) umbrella. CKC said, “We are seeing a move back to the people, and control of their own lives”.

It also helped me to understand why President Trump has brought in so many former military to his cabinet, and those formerly from large banking institutions.

She also mentioned the famous “David Wilcock/Drake” interview of 2012, where “mass arrests” were coming and many of us (yes, I was one…

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The Pen Is Not Mightier

Out of Line

Zeno had a vision in primary colors, not a dream. It occurred a few days before he was due to be sentenced to the minimum security federal penitentiary at Lompoc, California. The horse trading had concluded and the deal was done. He whinnied like a lame also-ran. The government took everything he owned and sent him to jail for baking delicious cookies, cupcakes, and all-natural granola. Not even his collection of lucky pennies inherited from Joe Avirgan was spared. The judge with the porky snout explained how fortunate he was to get such a good deal. Reliable waves from the Pacific Ocean he would never get to hear or feel for the duration were only a mile away. In a Texas prison, he’d be serving twenty years with scorpions. His coupled lawyers made out like bandits as they heartily shook his hand and slipped him dead skin. The dream was…

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What I Wish I’d Have Known at 18

Welcome to The New Normal

Timehop is great for many things, namely cringing at how uncool you were years ago and flicking through old memories. Yesterday this photo came up on my Timehop feed and as I looked at my smiling, youthful face I got thinking of all the things I would say to my eighteen year old self if I could.

1. No, you are not fat.

This was the first thing I noticed in the picture. I used to worry about my weight so much, but I look back and see that I really didn’t have to. I wish I had known to be more comfortable in my own skin, that I was fine the way I was. I wish I’d have known to love myself from a lot younger age rather than spend the next few years battling with crippling insecurity.

2. The boy who is ‘Just A Friend’ is going to…

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