My Serene Words

Have you ever wondered, if you had never written that first phrase of your poetry or the first sentence of your blog, how would your life have been right now?

Just a random human with built up emotions, unable to unpack the load of sentiments because no one really cared enough to bother themselves.

So, you penned down all the suffering, pain, love, complaints, everything you felt, because you started believing that venting in front of your ‘notes’ is way better than your own people.

How weird is this? People claim to love you and still fail to understand your insecurities. Instead of supporting you to feel more, they forbid you to feel anything at all. Because they think, you are overreacting or overthinking. Rude, isn’t it?

I remember the first time I wrote. I was 15. Even though it was just some random rhyming lines of a song that…

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What is Rökkatru?


The Rökkatru is the “darker” side of the Heathenry aspect of Norse paganism. The Rökkr serve as main deities for the Rökkatru though some still include the Æsir and Vanir in their worship. As far as I’ve read, it is the least talked about (or perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough) and often ostracized alongside Lokeans. For those curious, Heathenry is comprised of the following; Asatru, Vanatru, Rökkatru, and Thursatru.

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When You’ve Blogged All There Was to Blog About — The Art of Blogging

Many bloggers come to a point in their blogging journey when they feel they’ve written all there was to be written about a certain topic. What are you going to do then? If you’ve run out of new things to say, how do you keep producing content? Well…

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Creativity by Markov Chain, or Why Predictive Text Isn’t the Novel-Writing Shortcut You’re Looking For — Dani Alexis

Over the past year, I’ve played with Botnik‘s predictive text generator to create everything from alternative histories of popular holidays to terrible Christmas carol lyrics to the median New Year’s resolutions. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it is far more labor-intensive than most people imagine computer-generated texts would be. Most of the conversations I see […]

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Would you let us join the fight?

Confessions of a Doctor to be

Every employee in hospitals around the world is bracing themselves for the torrential influx of COVID-19 patients that will overrun their wards. This is on top of pre-existing patients and those who will present for various other reasons. New and makeshift hospitals are being built on the fly and the world is quietly watching, unsure of how much worse the situation will become. But no matter how many beds we vacate for COVID-19 patients and how many resources we attain to fend against the virus, there is only a finite amount of health workers that exist in the world. Doctors and nurses are not created overnight, nor can they be magically 3D-printed for such purposes. Retired doctors are already volunteering to come back into the workforce so the question arises, how much good can us medical students do?

Now I know this is quite a polarising topic and before anyone…

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‘Not keeping mum’

Libby Sommer, Author

book cover 'Not keeping mum', mother and babyMy contributor’s copy of ‘Not keeping mum’ – Australian writers tell the truth about perinatal anxiety and depression in poetry, fiction & essay – edited by Maya Linden, arrived by courier yesterday. Am very proud to have a story included in this important anthology to be launched on Wednesday 6 May (Maternal Health Day). $9.99




Perinatal anxiety and depression affects up to 1 in 5 new and expectant mums—and in Australia, suicide is the leading cause of death for mothers during pregnancy and the first year of their baby’s life (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). Perinatal mental illness is common, and can be devastating for women and their families. So why aren’t we talking about it?

On Wednesday 6 May 2020 (World Maternal Mental Health Day) Not…

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Silver Lining

Neha's Blog

It was shortly before midnight on a chilly January evening, and mist obscured parts of the tree-lined roads while driving when I met with ‘the’ accident that turned my life upside down. On one of its darkest stretches the road turned and what I remember thereafter is quite a blur. Apparently, I had met with an accident and was found later into the night. By the time I was rushed to the hospital, I had lost a lot of blood.

Those two units of blood saved my life only to reveal later that I had contracted HIV. As fate would have it, the blood I received was infected with HIV. Evidently, the doctors couldn’t detect the virus. I later found out some viruses have a window period during which the virus doesn’t show in the blood test. So, if a person contracts HIV today and decides to donate blood the…

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The Creative Process

Libby Sommer, Author

woman in white shirt and blue denim short shorts sitting

Are you finding it hard to focus on a creative project while this health pandemic is sweeping the world? It’s hard to stop thinking and worrying about the horrific consequences worldwide.

Being able to create something new though, is a wonderful way to stop obsessing and to put your thoughts on to something constructive. Creative writing is a perfect example.

For myself, I can’t write about the world around me just now. It is still too raw and I need to process what is happening. So I am concentrating on coming up with other ideas for my stories and poems and novels.

I heard someone say, “The thing to do is put the idea in your subconscious.  Your brain will do the work.”

It takes time for our experience to make its way through our consciousness.  For example, it is hard to write about a journey while you are still in…

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