Angel Messages September 13 2017

Annette Rochelle Aben

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Okay, Angels!!!

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September 23 Prophecy: Signs on the Mayan Calendar?

Jaguar Spirit

SOURCE: Wikipedia By Brad – Revelation 12 Daily

September 23, 2017: Revelation Prophecy

An astronomical alignment in the Constellation Virgo that has never been seen before, is the latest focus of End-Time Prophecy. A Heavenly Alignment moving into place on September 23rd offers correspondence with a Biblical accounting of Prophecy in Revelations 12:1-17. Is this just the next of many end-time prophecies? Your guess is as good as mine.

Synchronicity on the Mayan calendar suggests this could be a meaningful day of personal revelation. I’m sharing aspects here that relate to September 23, 2017 (12 Earth/CABAN) for your own discernment.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT TIME to discern our own meaning for ourselves.

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Temper to match?

a boat against the current

“While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats” – Mark Twain

I have been told many times that I scare people before they get to know me. Some of these people then get to know me and we become great friends. Others get to know me and find me even more scary, but that is beside the point. When I was younger, I got picked on a lot for my hair colour but my parents told me that it was just because I was different and children can be scared of ‘different’. As I result I think I was always self-conscious of my hair and so never considered myself the confident, fiery tempered stereotype. However, over the last few years I have decided I have no problem with being different and am in fact proud of it. So I have quite grown into my hair colour…

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Writing Figurative Language

Writer's Block No More

It Can Really Grab Attention

By Annette Rey

I came across a fabulous example of figurative language. It really caught my imagination and drew an enticing picture in my mind. But figurative language also wakes up some deeper emotion in my being. This is something you would like your readers to find in themselves as they read your writing. Your work and author name will be unforgettable if you flower your work with words that make your readers think.

Let’s have a look at the sentence I wish I had said.

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2018 Chinese New Year Day


2018 Chinese New Year of Dog

The 2018 Chinese New Year Day is on Friday, February 16, 2018.
2018 is the Year of the Brown Dog.
China will be 4715 years old.

The first day of the Brown Dog is not the Chinese New Year in Chinese Astrology. The first day of the Tiger month is the first day of the Chinese Astrology year. This day is called Start of Spring, which is the date when the sun enters the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. This day is around February 4, each year. 2018 Chinese Brown Dog starts on February 4, 2018 in China’s time zone. That means Chinese Lunar New Year is not the first day of Brown Dog Year. If a baby is born February 5, 2018, then baby’s zodiac sign is the Dog, not Chicken.

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