Two Weeping Willows

Milly Schmidt

The body had stayed hidden under the gnarled root of a weeping willow tree for over a year. It was never supposed to be exposed, but the heavy rains of summer had shifted and pushed against the embankment until a huge chunk had given way, disturbing the resting place of some poor girl who had found herself murdered. At least that’s what Elizabeth Crawley had assumed when she’d first heard about the remains discovered down by Macintyre River, uncovered by a group of young local boys no less. Some people in town were saying that they had found the body a few days earlier but had kept it secret and had even organised paid tours of the site for other curious kids. It wasn’t until a diligent mother became suspicious of her son’s whereabouts that the awful truth was finally uncovered.  Elizabeth knew of the mother, Pam, who was a…

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Tim Talks

Our brains get lazy and let us down all the time. Mostly, this happens when we are doing something innocuous. We let our brain take over and go into autopilot.
This is called chunking. It’s when something has become so routine that our brain lumps it into one task. 
For example, going to work. Do you ever get to work and think, how did I get here?
Our brains work to be as efficient as possible. You aren’t actively thinking about opening your car door, backing out of the garage, shutting the garage door, etc
99% of the time, this results in arriving at work with no issue. But, if there is a slight change in your normal routine it can lead to a mistake. For example, you get in your car and then remember that it is garbage day. You get out of…

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A Season Of Growth


If you have been following along with my blog since the beginning you have read about my struggles to do a lot of things. I struggle with social anxiety, I struggle with making decisions and staying motivated. These all have influenced my life in negative ways. I have set myself back, but this past summer I have made gigantic leaps. I have decided what I want to do with my career, (working in social media, and then along the line becoming a creative director for a brand), how to achieve it and just focusing on making myself and my mental clarity a priority.

It’s kind of crazy how it happened, we came home from Japan in march and I felt inspired and then I became even more depressed than I had been in a long time. I just felt uninspired and really stuck in my life. I’m lucky enough to…

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What Do I Want at My Core?

Mysterious Flow

What Do I Want at My Core?

This question has plagued many of us because some days it feels so evasive.

What do I truly want?

My initial thought is to first establish who and what I am at my core.

First, when I think about my core, that is the deepest, most pure, soul-level I can get to. And at that level, I am connected to all of life and I am Love. I use the word Love because there is no other word that trumps Love. At my deepest core soul level, I am Love. At this level, Love permeates through every interaction and every decision. Not only do I want what’s best for me, but I also want what’s best for my partner, my children, my coworkers, and my enemies. At this core level, there are no enemies. Love manifests itself in every encounter and reaches people…

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