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I just checked my blog stats and was very excited to see that I now have one hundred followers! I didn’t expect to have so many readers as I currently do. I set up this blog both as therapy for myself but also in the hopes that my words could educate and inspire others. I hope I can make even a tiny difference in the world with regard to how society views people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder like me, as well as spreading awareness about mental health in general and trying to provide support to others going through similar problems to me. I think this is a perfect time to say a thank to everyone who has read my blog and all the support you all have given me,it means a lot to me 🙂 Go raibh míle maith agaibh! 

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the heart is not what i thought


After publishing my post on the heart I didn’t know what to blog about next. Everything I attempted to write seemed conceptual and slightly pretentious – ironically, coming from my head and not my heart!

My mind has been my albatross, but for the most part it’s felt more comfortable than my heart or body. The torture of the mind is strangely safe, familiar. At least I know what to expect, and its endless analyses make me feel like I’m in control of my experience. Shifting the power to my heart is venturing into unknown territory. It’s a blank, open space in which the rules are totally different. (And I can’t know the rules in advance.)


Of course living from the heart is about love. But so many of our ideas about love are bound up in the emotions. Most of the time, I don’t walk around in an emotionally…

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Black and White Street Photography _ The Design Work

Silence, I hide my face and shut the door.. The most beautiful tune ever played. A bed of rest in all of whole, a sanctuary where I am home. Connected to all and all of one, many a tale has been spun..    My faithful friend of old you grace the table every time, never ending is your sweet divine. Never dissatisfied nor a disappoint your welcoming voice a healers echo..  Every time, oh everytime how wonderful how magical you are. From inside you is inside me, infinite potential strewn sporadically. You gain my trust, you gain my being, for from you I came this infinite being.. I am, that I am all and now, encompassed in you through beauty and truth. How lucky we are to have been blessed by you my restful friend of sweet sweet solice. A treasure of all treasures my dearest  sweet honest.

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Silence, Japanese gardens and peacocks.

Are we there yet?

I love Saturday mornings. Quoting freely from Stephen King, they have an air of unexpressed potential, something close to the first day of the summer school holidays: the working week is just gone and all that unfolds ahead is two days of utter, complete liberty. Things will get worse as the weekend progresses, with chores and the usual, inevitable, preparations for the looming week – ironing shirts, doing the laundry, that sort of things – but Saturday mornings – the earlier the better – are just pure gold.
In the past few weeks I made a concerted effort to make the most out of them. Whenever the weather allows it, I’m normally out and about at as early as 7:30 AM, bound for somewhere in West London. I might not like the city, but I’ve found out that at this early hour even London seems to be somewhere less crowded…

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