Maybe That’s Why


Almost home after a day of errands with Mama and Daddy, my sisters and I were crammed into the back seat of the car. For a second we didn’t know what Mama meant when she spoke to Daddy in the driver’s seat.

“He’s gonna get hit.” Mama said.

We in the back seat jockeyed for position to get the best view through the windshield up front. We had to see who “he” was.

“He” was a dog.

The little blond dog trotted ahead of us right in the middle of the road. His fluffy tail, with long strands of blond hair trailing in the wind, curved up towards his back. He paid no attention when we passed but as we turned into our driveway he followed.

Daddy came to a stop in the driveway and so did the little dog. Through the window the dog and I stared at each…

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On Writing: Finishing That Novel


Thank you Michael D. of The Breakout Chronicles for asking the below question on my post, On Writing: Ask Away!!

“Do you have any tips for maintaining the drive necessary to actually complete a novel? I have multiple ideas and have started numerous projects…finishing things, however is a problem.”

Other than actually sitting down and writing your novel, doing it over and over and over and over again until it is finished just might be the hardest thing about writing.

How do I maintain my drive necessary to actually complete a novel? Well, in my adult life I’ve completed four novels thus far, so I must have the answer.


I have LOTS of answers. And I’m going to provide them to you. Because one day one thing might work which might not work the next day. So tactics, for me, change constantly.

(Keep in mind, I have undiagnosed ADHD, so if…

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aubade (enjoy your bath)

unbolt me

soft had been the first foot to cross the threshold that year
so in her honour he dabbed whiff behind his stale ears
and tho’ he weren’t dish enough to possess an std
he still sought to ward off the past with its very near teeth
and risk love on the rebound

swilling eschatology in the bottom of root beer floats
he said, “i know what i’m not but still would you let me drain your moat?
for i would pass those tensile battlements you have stacked there atop
and take you on the sectional and the morrows yonder that”
a new love begging to be found

it said, “hey! do you live here?
won’t you raise a toast to this tired earth with me?
yeah, let’s do, let’s begin anew, jowl to cheek”

the maiden of maidan’s flight had taken her from war to here
she said, “there must never be other…

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There’s no shortcut to a dream



I can jump through hoops

crash through windows

break down doors

Yet, there’s no shortcut to a dream

Nothing has ever come easy

for poverty left many doors unopened

and many windows with a jagged ledge

But nothing has been insurmountable

Genies in a bottle don’t exist

But hard work, perseverance and love

bring forth one’s fortune

And then one must walk that path up high

There’s no shortcut to a dream

But my arms will pull me up

My legs will carry me forward

and my belief in me will keep me going for the long haul


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What Makes a Story Scary? Reduex.

Dave's Corner of the Universe

scarry stroy

I wrote this two years ago for Halloween. I cleaned it up a bit and added photos and am re-posting. Hopefully I can get some more seasonal scary stuff out this weekend.

What makes a story scary? It is not easy to write a really scary story. It is easier to make a story scary in movies than trying to do it in print. In videos something can literally jump out at you. A novelist has to be more subtle. Here are some, but by no means all, the ways a writer can make a story scary, in any medium.

The Empathy Factor: The most common technique for a writer to make a story scary is to create an interesting character that the reader associates with and put them in a dangerous situation. If the reader has emotionally invested in the character, they won’t want to see anything happen…

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Empire Character: Hakeem Lyon

Child of Astrology


Hakeem Lyon is known as the bad boy of the Empire. Originally trying to live up to his father’s rap reputation, he seemed to have a tough exterior, but as time progressed on Hakeem made strides towards being the man that he wants to be rather than who Lucious wanted him to be.

Hakeem Lyon is a Leo. He is known to love partying and having a good time. At times having fun took priority over getting work done when he would mix business with pleasure. He also engaged in his fair share of casual sex, at least until he fell in love. Hakeem was very self absorbed, always relating how the actions and words of others affected him. He made eveything about him.

Hakeem Lyon was jealous and possessive. If one of his brothers was getting more attention from Cookie or Lucious than he was getting he became insecure…

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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Anne Lamott

Creative Writing For Me

Today’s Wednesday Words of Wisdom come from writer Anne Lamott. I read Anne Lamott’s book on writing called Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life in preparation for NaNoWriMo. Compared to other books on writing advice, it’s extremely funny and extremely honest, giving you a candid and real look at what the life of being a writer entails.

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