For Once, Just Once

Life of an Introvert

For once I want to be someone who is selfish and not think of you all the time.

For once I want my decisions to be my own and not decisions I made because I took you in consideration.

For once I want to feel how it is to be free from myself and not associate it with you.

For once I want to do whatever the heck I want without thinking if this will hurt you or not.

For once I want to be someone who is alone with no one else to think about.

For once I want to jump right in. Dive head first to things without thinking of anybody.

For once I want to just build my own wall without having to break it all over again to pieces just to let someone like you in.

For once, just once, I want to be nobody’s. I…

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Bitter Hearts


Imprinted wrists
Clenched fists
I look down at my hands
They’ve never looked like this before.

His fists bang the table
One after the other
I look up,my eyes watery
He still looks beautiful in my hazed vision
…After everything
But his eyes, they’ve never been like this before
He bangs again demanding me to answer.
I break free
And I want to say that yes I want to love him again.
But how could I?
However all I can say is “No.”
He looks up. His face
Goes red and he says
“Who do you think you are?”
And I think ‘run, sweetheart run,
This is not your world.’
But I, I can’t
My kneecaps clank and my body falls apart. My lungs drift away with the hatred in his eyes. And I struggle to breathe. The gasps I take when he slams the table…

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SHE…. ❤



He dreamed of her.. the most beautiful woman on earth. Maybe for him but She is  something for who he can’t stop thinking of. She was like an angel; her skin was like milk; her eyes were mysterious but yet alluring. She was Pulchritudinous. He wanted to touch her, but She walked just out of his reach. In the night, he saw her.. but not in a dream this night. She walked beside him, yet seemed to ignore his presence. He wanted to hold her, but She walked just out of his reach. His eyes explored every part of her.. standing stagnant. She remained silent.

Each night She walked beside him and each night She’d disappear without a word spoken. “I want to Love You”, he begged. She didn’t respond. He needed her. He begged to hold her, love her. She walked away.

Deep in the night, her presence awakened…

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Useful Podcasts For Writers #writers #writerslife


Useful Podcasts For Writers

Podcasts are a wonderful free resource for writers. Over the past few months I have overhauled my writing life and my newfound love of podcasts has played a key role in this transformation.

Below are the podcasts that have helped me reach a happier creative place:

  1. MWF Motivation.Rob Dial, motivational author, speaker and coach presents this podcast and he has had a huge impact on my creative life. In the past I have struggled with writing motivation and wasted a lot of time whining about how tired I feel, how I have not achieved any of my goals and how I have been working on the wrong stuff. Rob has changed me! I liken this podcast to a ‘stern talking to!” – you know when someone takes you aside, tells you to get a grip of yourself , to stop moaning and just get on with it? This is…

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10 Things Successful People Never Do Again (For Beauty, Book & Travel Bloggers)

Millionaire's Digest

 1. Try to be someone they are not.

In everything we do, we have to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this? Am I suited for it? Does it fit me? Is it sustainable?” If the answer is no to any of these questions, you better have a very good reason to proceed.

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Struggle to Stay on Task…? Here’s How to Fix That (For Travel, Food & Book Bloggers)

Ordinarily I hate lists like this one. But this one is behavioral (mostly), and I like that. Either you got up half an hour early and planned your day or you didn’t. Either you took action, or you didn’t. Either you had that conversation with a role model or you didn’t. For these suggestions you know whether or not you did them, and you can tally your success (or failure).

Millionaire's Digest

1. Set your wake-up time a half an hour earlier tomorrow.

Use the extra time to think about the best way to spend your day.

2. Memorize and repeat this motto: “Action today, not tomorrow.”

Handle each piece of incoming mail only once. Answer your email either early in the morning or at the end of the day. Block out specific times to make phone calls, take phone calls and to meet people in person.

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