Astrological Portraits: BBC’s Sherlock as Virgo


Mythology  and storytelling — its place in astrology — is a never ending fascination of mine. While watching the recent BBC special the “Abominable Bride” over on my side of the pond, it occurred to that there’s few characters who so embody an astrological symbol more than Sherlock. Having read Doyle and seen various interpretations, I think it’s fair to say that the modern revision has probably single handedly launched Benedict Cumberbatch’s career and suddenly made the dour detective sexy again.

Virgo probably isn’t the sign that comes to mind when people think “sexy”, but Virgo’s alignment with the concept of “virgin” is no indication of their actual sex lives. When we understand Virgo’s generalized characteristics, it’s fascinating to see how well BBC’s Sherlock is intertwined with it. From the detective’s manic attention to detail, interior sense of organization (mind palace, anyone?) we see the light of Mercury infusing nearly…

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Empire Character: Lucious Lyon

Child of Astrology


Lucious Lyon is the man we love to hate and the man we hate to love. As the patriarch of the Lyon family on the Fox TV show ‘Empire’ he is often engulfed in the drama that keeps us coming back every week.

Lucious Lyon is a Scorpio. He will use all of his resources to find out everything about you, yet reveal very few things about himself. He is not one to be crossed, he will seek revenge that is calculated and targets your deepest vulnerabilities. Lucious Lyon is very self controlled, it is rare to see him open up on the tv series. His emotions are turned inward and on the surface it seems as if he is unscathed when deep inside he is wounded.

He lives for power and without it feels as if he is nothing. He needs to be in control of himself, what’s around him, and the…

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The Top 50 Sites for Indie and Self-Published Authors

Jens Thoughts

I stumbled across this fantastic resource and wanted to share with you. I’d love to hear any feedback.

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White flowers just scream out to me like the lambs in Clarice’s dream


Elvis Headstone Elvis Headstone

The month of January has not been too kind to me throughout the last six years. I am hoping that this January I can be a bit more settled.  No snow. No cross-country moves. Just a bit of mourning for my mom and my beloved dog who both left this earth in a cold January day.

My mom was a huge Elvis fan. We listened to Elvis every Sunday morning. A month after my mom died I ended up in Memphis on a business trip. We took some time to visit Graceland. How could you not?  I did the trip in her honor and memory. On his headstone were white flowers: both red and white. I looked at that headstone and thought of what the world lost when he died so young. The same way I felt I about my mother. I looked at the white flowers…

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Here’s This


Life has settled icily
into two place-mats, four
chairs, matching friends and
faux leather furniture.

We’ve grown accustomed
to disposing of
our seperate incomes
as we deem fit.

If I linger at
the dual pane window,
watch the color play
in the western sky,

If I fail to hear
your familiar voice rattle
off the laundry list that
delineates my responsibilities,

I’m still here,
although my heart has
struck out for all the
wild and lonely places.

We take our seats at
our respective places,
stare past the space
that yawns between us.

You test the tender bibb
lettuce, remember a younger
woman seated opposite you
at a pink formica table.

I look past you to the
tablelands, to light playing
across plateau and plain, to
emptiness that once knew me
by name.

© M. E. Bredimus

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All The Young Dudes

Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes CompilationDavid Bowie gave away one of his greatest songs to another band! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame described ‘All The Young Dudes’ as one of the “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll”.

‘All The Young Dudes’ became a major hit for one of Bowie’s favorite bands, a British act called Mott The Hoople, who were on the verge of breaking up.

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This winter day

Siren Whispers

FullSizeRenderThis winter day is silent and cold

with my breath freezing in my lungs

well before it’s expelled.

The wind is howling through the trees

and pushing at windows.

It is a day I cannot seem to get warm despite my best efforts.

A day that I am overrun with my own thoughts.

Thoughts that always find their way back to you.

It’s the kind of day I want to spend

wrapped around you

feeling your heartbeat

under my fingertips

your breath

upon on my cheek

and your fingers idly drawing lines and circles

upon my skin

and looping through my hair

in a careless caress.

Limbs entwined

we speak without words

letting our eyes, our fingers, our lips

say everything.

Content to savour the moment

to suspend time

and escape

to each other.


Photograph taken from Tumblr

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