The Body Remembers

Gulara Vincent

dancerAfter a three year gap, I went to a Five Rhythms dance two weeks ago. It felt like a homecoming. As soon as I stepped onto the dance floor, my body remembered. It twirled and moved the way it used to when I went to the classes weekly.

The body remembers….

Then, last week, I had a bit of a shock. We have a lovely lady who comes to help us with a bit of cleaning. She’s been somewhat unreliable lately, cancelling or rearranging her visits. She called me last Tuesday and said that her partner had left his job, and she was stressed out. We agreed that she’d come the next day.

‘I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been stressed out,’ I said when she came.

‘He beats me, you know,’ she said tentatively. Then unable to stop, she poured her heart out.

I stood frozen at the bottom…

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The Story Behind The Story – “I’m not dead” by Anne Goodwin

Gulara Vincent


Welcome back to the Story Behind The Story series. I’m delighted to share Anne Goodwin’s fascinating story behind her recently published novel Sugar and Snails .

I’m in my very first meeting with my publisher, going through what needs to happen before my debut novel is released into the world. We’re agreeing deadlines and who does what, and it’s all going swimmingly until we come to the item “story behind the story” which I’m supposed to write two months before launch day. Gulp! The whole reason I write fiction is that I don’t want to write my own story. In fact, I thought that was what fiction was for.

Six months post publication I’ve found a way of talking and writing about the person behind the novel. In fact, with a mammoth five-week blog tour and over a dozen follow-up articles, you might think I’ve become addicted. Yet…

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Being a pink flower amongst the hardened lava flow field


Pink flower in dirt

A dark world to escape from

Free reign, scared within

My laptop is pink. My cell phone cover is pink.  My calculator is pink. It is safe to say I like pink. However, growing up, I hated pink. Although, I didn’t hate my pink Easter bonnet.  I always had a soft spot for my Easter bonnet. It was the one nice outfit I had growing up.  luckily, I stayed thin enough for many years and could reuse that outfit and then I kept that bonnet for a while. It represented a moment of happiness and quiet joy. It calmed the storms around me. It was as if the bonnet had magical powers keeping the mean girls away and the tough streets at bay.  I would put that bonnet on and I was a sophisticated, pretty little girl. The scrappy nerdy girl would hide away for a few…

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16 Reasons to Read your Words Aloud. | Myths of the Mirror

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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pixabay free image - ClkerFreeVectorImages

pixabay free image – ClkerFreeVectorImages

Most writers have learned the importance of reading their words aloud. It’s advice I heeded early on and am happy to pass along.

Writing works on myriad levels. On one level, it’s the mechanical delivery of a story, the typing of words according to rules. It’s fingers on keyboards, reams of paper and editing drafts. Beneath the surface, writing is meaning-making through narrative, tapping universal themes and archetypes that existed before man first etched his carvings into cave walls.

As an art form, writing has the ability to transport a reader into another world. We paint with words on the mind’s canvas, compose the music of language, stir smells, tastes, and tactile impressions. The goal is emotional immersion, being present in the experience.

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16 Reasons to Read your Words Aloud. from…

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