The Eclipse Let Down

Nurturing My Pot of Gold

I got myself up before the kids this morning so that I could get them fed and dressed in time for the Eclipse.  My kids are late sleepers so I planned to get breakfast made while they slept.  It worked out well for timing.  I made some homemade Eclipse projectors.  I didn’t get glasses to watch, but I did that on purpose.  I figured at the kids ages it wasn’t the safest thing to try.  Too bad my husband and I thought about the welding helmet too late (it’s auto darkening and charges off solar power and its been sitting in the dark garage since we moved here almost 4 year ago). I got fancy with our projectors and made the pinholes in an S and an N design.  I was so excited.  I thought this would be such a fun way to teach the kids about the eclipse, letters…

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Carmel Market in Tel Aviv (Israel)

Travel Blogging Academy

”Shalom, how much is this Jewish kippah?”, I ask the local man at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.  ‘It’s 10 shekel for you my friend’, says the old man sitting behind his table. ”Bevakasha sir, Im a student and have only seven shekel”, I try to negotiate. ‘No no, it’s 10 shekel. Fair price!’ ”Sorry sir, I have only seven”, I repeat showing him my wallet with only 7 Israeli coins. ‘Oke oke, give 7 shekel.’ ”Toda raba sir! ‘Bevakasha my friend, lehitraot!’ I put the kippah on my head and continue my walk further into the magic world of colourful spices, exotic fruit and antic artifacts. Now I have more the feeling how it is to be Jewish in Israel. 


On my left side I see two Jewish men bargaining about some Baklava. In front of my there is a big crowd moving. Sometimes you get at the Carmel Market…

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The Butterfly Effect/Photography

Tropical Affair


There is a theory that came into popularity some 50 years ago when Edward Lorenz, a meteorology professor at MIT, was simulating weather patterns in a computer. He left his office for a cup of coffee and when he returned he found a result that would change the course of science.

The computer program was based on variables such as temperature and wind speed with values that could be graphed over time. When he did a repeat simulation from earlier that day he rounded off one variable ever so slightly and, to his surprise, discovered the tiny alteration drastically changed the entire pattern produced by his program over 2 months of simulations for weather patterns.


‘What has all this to do with butterflies?’ you may be asking.

Simply stated: Small changes can have large conequnces. This idea became known as the “butterfly effect” after Lorenz suggested the flap of a…

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June 22, 2017 (Julian 173) Dark of the Moon

Irregular Oracle

June 22, 2017 (Julian 173) Dark of the Moon

Beyond our other commentary, consider this: the Moon is in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury is in Cancer (ruled by the Moon).  This kind of exchange is called a “mutual reception,” and, unless it contains malefics (particularly Mars or Saturn or both), this is a powerful and beneficial situation that permits both planets to speak for each other or “trade places.”  That means, for the moment, both the Moon and Mercury are very powerful.

With a Dark of the Moon period, as we have now, the “veil is thin” as others have said, and we can tap into our intuitive side or, depending on your beliefs, connect with those who have gone before us and sometimes other entities.  This is the kind of period where people can “daydream” and let the mind spin free and then write down what comes…

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May 2017: Black Snake Prophecy

Annandi Astrology Blog

imageHoly Moly and What the Bleep#%*?? We have been hit with a Category-5 Full-tilt Boogie Bullshit Typhoon. April showers brought a storm of Retrograde Planets, and we aren’t done yet. The Merry Month of May continues a Parade of Shock and Awe. MERCURY goes direct, but is in SCORPIO. Truths will be hidden and stories will be told. A Review of The Twists and Turns that have brought us to Mother-Of-All-Bomb Drops and Nuclear War Threats is needed, just to get our heads around it.

Truly, the planets are always moving forward, never back, so in Heliocentric Astrology, we can call it “Backward Elevation .” A Dramatic Rerun brings clearer eyes to any forward action. It alters our Future plans.

Revelations are a necessary thread to discovering “What’s Really So.” What’s behind the Masks? NEPTUNE, NESSUS & CHIRON continue to unravel the Hidden Agendas, as PLUTO holds the World teetering…

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I’m not the Jessica Davidson you’re looking for

Jessica Davidson

There’s a weird recurring search term that pops up on my stats occasionally, so I thought it was time to investigate. In amongst queries for dark night of the soul symptoms and astrological mythology, you get this: “who are you jessica davidson

Not the most interesting thing to be Googling, and I should know. So I searched for the term and discovered that what people are looking for is an essay called “Who Are You” by me – only it’s not me.

What you get on Google is a bunch of links to essay writing sites for students who can’t be bothered to do their own thinking, but at the top of the list is one of my posts. I’m not sure why people are looking for this mysterious essay, but many of them end up here: Self and World: Who Are You?

I hope they’re not too…

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Lured by the Jewel of the Andes

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I sat up in the stillness of the night, taking in a deep breath of the brisk, tonic air. The moon seeped through the clouds, sending a glow across the curtain of condensation that clung to the windows. I watched as one tiny sliver of rain lost its footing and slid down the glass like the last drop of mercury in the atmosphere.

Cautiously, quietly, I moved closer to the door, careful not to wake anyone. Silently, I pressed my finger in a tiny circle against the pane. Peering through the eyelet, I gazed onto streets pooled with water dimpled by the rings of carefully laid cobblestone. I took in the simple muddy hovels with dried grass roofs and cozy wooden benches that glowed turquoise in the moonlight.

DSC_0006 The village of Quilotoa

I smiled to myself knowingly with the understanding of an artist. The vibrant, misplaced benches were a subtle…

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